Week of May 26

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. The weather was beautiful and I must admit it felt a bit like summer vacation, but we still have work to do before the last day. Here's a peek at the week.
Reading: Students will finish the story Animals Feel Emotions. They will then chose a story we have not read this year from their reading books to complete a story map project.

Math: We will review Topic 15, and test over the topic on Wednesday. Students will begin Topic 16 covering Data. We will not finish this topic before the end of the year, but we have been working on reading data all year in our story problems, so students are knowledgeable in this area. Math workbooks will be going home the last day, so feel free to use the extra pages as review during the summer.
This week we also have a few activities planned. See below for the calendar for the rest of the year.
Tuesday, May 27  School-wide Marco's Pizza/DJ Party 1:30-2:50
Thursday, May 29 ALPS Field Trip 10:45-1:45 Anyone is welcome to attend. Students will need to pack a lunch and bring a beverage.
Tuesday, June  3 Field Day 1:15-3:00 3rd & 4th Grade- Our class color is light green. If you have a light green shirt, wear it! If not, it's OK! We're going to have fun either way!
Wednesday, June 4  Talent Show (AM) & Last Day of School! 


Week of May12th

Happy Mother's Day to you all! 

The school year is winding down, but we are still working at full speed! This past week we have done A LOT of writing. Students were writing a creative story called "If I Were Trapped in a Bubble..." This story was inspired by our assembly on Monday by The Bubble Lady.

Here's a peek at week of May 12th:

Language Arts: We'll be reading the story On the Pampas and completing various comprehension activities with it.

Math: Students will be finishing Topic 14. Expect a test on the Unit on Thursday.  Topic 15 covers Liquid Volume and Mass which we touched on at the beginning of the year in Science. Topic 15 is a short unit, so we should be able to get to Topic 16, which covers Data, before the end of the school year. 

Social Studies: We'll be switching for Science/Social Studies for one more week. My class will be finishing Social Studies on the 14th! 


Week of March 31

I hope everyone has had relaxing spring break! A snowstorm to end the break wasn't what I was wishing for, but let's hope that's the end of the snow and the sun will be coming out more. Even more surprising is that we have begun the fourth quarter already! Time always seems to fly. 

April is an important month for 3rd grade. Students will be taking the OAA's at the end of the month in reading and math. These tests are another data point to measure student growth during the year. Students will also be taking a Writing Diagnostic test once the OAA's are over. Thankfully this will be the LAST state mandated test for the year. Whew!

Here's what's ahead this week and throughout the final quarter:

    This week: We'll be reading Fire! In Yellowstone, a nonfiction story about the fires in Yellowstone. Students will continue to work on main idea/ supporting details and using nonfiction text features to understand text. Students will be writing an informational article.
    4th Quarter: Author's Point of View, Sequencing, Cause/Effect

     This Week: Topic 12 is a short unit that covers time, more specifically elapsed time. This can be a difficult concept, so we'll take our time. I have put review lessons online on each student's math account. I strongly recommend that students visit their account when time permits.
      4th Quarter: Perimeter, Area, Liquid Volume & Mass, Data

Science/Social Studies: 
       This Week: This is the final week of the Maps study with Mr. Moore.
        4th Quarter: Government with Mr. Provenza.


Read Across America

Next week is Read Across America! Mrs. Pass has organized a fun day for each day of the week.

Monday will be Grinch Green Day (wear Green)
Tuesday will be Fox in sock Day (crazy socks)
Wednesday  Wacky Hair Day
Thursday  Cat in the Hat day (hat day)
Friday  PJ fun day